Microsoft's OneNote has a nifty new screenshot feature

Microsoft has been pushing OneNote to help grow the adoption rate, first by making the product cross-platform, and then by making it free. This means that OneNote is everywhere and the Redmond-based company hopes that it will become your preferred note taking application.

One of the cool new features that has come to the product is the ability to easily save snapshots of a webpage directly into a notebook. By sending an email to with a single URL in it, OneNote will turn that into a snapshot and save it into your notebook automagically. If you send an email with multiple URLs in it, OneNote will save a snapshot of the URLs and not hundreds of screenshots.  It really is that easy, and Microsoft provided several applicable examples for the feature:

  • Browsing the web on your smartphone? Hit “Share”, pick Email, and send it to
  • Find an article in a news reader app? Share it via email and type
  • Friend emailed you a funny link? Forward it to

You do have to setup this feature, which you can do so by going here, but once you register the corresponding information, you can quickly add content to OneNote without having to open the app up. While not the most revolutionary feature to come out of Redmond, it's a simple little trick that can save OneNote users a few minutes of time.

Source: Microsoft

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