Minecraft Java Edition becomes more vibrant with 'World of Color' update, also adds parrots

Although missing out on some great Mash-Up packs and the like, the original Java version of Minecraft has received the 1.12 World of Color update. This comprehensive update brings a number of new colored blocks and other rich additions, as evident by its name.

In celebration of the update, Mojang had asked Reddit users to make some colorful Minecraft builds, and some of these impressive creations are showcased in the new World of Color update trailer, seen below.

Existing items such as wool, shulker boxes, banners, as well as beds are now available in a wide range of colors. New colored blocks, Glazed Terracotta and Concrete, are also excellent additions for experienced Minecraft builders to make use of in their worlds.

Moreover, the update includes a highly useful recipe book which unlocks and stores recipes for later use, and also replaces the achievement system with the new advancements for guiding new players.

There's also the addition of parrots as a brand new mob, which are tamable using seeds. In-game parrots were initially tamed using cookies in a pre-release version, but this was replaced with seeds following an outcry on Reddit. As Minecraft cookies look like they include chocolate chips, and chocolate is poisonous to birds, users were concerned that a child could feed their pet birds chocolates without realizing the real-world consequences.

The Minecraft World of Color update is now available for download on the game's Java Edition, and for those interested, the update's extensive changelog can be read on this Reddit thread.

Source: Minecraft | Image: Mojang (YouTube)

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