Mobile game of the week: Rayman Jungle Run

A growing number people are ditching their portable consoles and playing small, but fun indie games on-the-go. These games give a large amount of enjoyment considering the small price gamers will pay and this week, Rayman Jungle Run is no exception.

Rayman Jungle Run is a mobile game built from the Ubi Art engine which was used for the multiplatform hit, Rayman Origins. The game focuses on four worlds that are based on specific powers that Rayman has in his arsenal and these worlds consist of Jumping, Flying, Wall Running and Punching themed levels.

Each world has nine levels and providing the player can obtain all the collectible “Lums”, they unlock the tenth level. These levels range from being quite easy to extremely annoying and frustrating, but even so, Rayman Jungle Run's attractiveness will keep the player playing for hours on end, even if they manage to beat the entire game.

From the moment the game's title screen is shown, players will notice that the game looks and plays on-par, if not better than its multiplatform counterpart. Rayman automatically runs to the right, so all players really need to do is tap and hold at the appropriate times to execute jumps and other powers. This may sound simple, but it gets super frustrating to the point where the player could jump a slight fraction of a jump early, die and be forced to restart.

If you've played Rayman Origins on console or on the PC, the best comparison to its gameplay style that I can give is that the game feels like the Skull Tooth levels that you have to do in Origins, minus the chest that you must chase. Each level in Jungle Run, if done perfectly, will earn you one Skull Tooth (collectible) and collecting Lums gets the player some decent Rayman-themed wallpaper like the one I'm using below:

The thing that makes Rayman Jungle Run stand out is the fact it really translates into a fun and simplistic mobile game, and is the type of game to inspire more like it. The music from Origins is present in Jungle Run and is some of the most uplifting and bizarre music you'll hear in any game nowadays, and that's a good thing.

Rayman Jungle Run will have you feeling like a kid again for as long as you're playing it and with this game being only £2 ($2.99), I can't help but feel the more commercial Rayman Origins was overpriced due to getting the more fun gameplay mechanics from Rayman Origins incorporated into Rayman Jungle Run. In other words, this is some of the best platforming we've seen on any platform; including consoles, and we recommend this highly enjoyable game to casual mobile gamers worldwide.

Rayman Jungle Run is available for Android and iOS, and can be found on the Google Play store and Apple's App Store for £2, or $2.99 if you're in the US or Canada.

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