Mobile gamer uses Wordament to propose

Wordament is a game based around words, as the name would suggest. As in the real world, some words are more valuable than others. One player has found this more true than most, as Wordament's developers reported.

An avid player by the name of 'munkiiyebee' used Wordament to propose to his girlfriend, and showed an example of his modified version of the game. While some developers may take offense to someone taking their concept and tweaking it, Wordament's developers were not those people. Rather, they said they were "just so honored that munkii liked the game enough to make a version for his proposal".

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so munkiiyebee decided to combine many thousands of frames with words to say something heartfelt. His girlfriend's response was fitting of a true Wordament player: a 'Yes', which is worth more than a 'No' in the game and the real world. He recorded an example of his version of Wordament and shared it with the developers. The video is below:

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