More images of the HTC 10 leaked online

New images of HTC's upcoming new flagship Android phone have begun circulating the internet, being attributed to a Disqus user going by Angt29. The photos are of a real, apparently working device and do a good job of highlighting HTC's new design philosophy. The device is shown front and back, like the previous leak, but because of the gold colour we do see a few new details.

The gold colouring will extend to a slight trim around the front of device, framing the screen quite nicely. The lack of speaker grill filled metal bezels makes the device look a lot more subtle, and less of a departure from other high selling phones. The back retains many of the features from the M9 with a change of the camera sensor as well as more defined edges.

It is expected that HTC will announce the 10 in short order and is rumoured to contain a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB RAM powering a 5.15" QHD display.

Source: Angt29

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