Mozilla releases Firefox 56, the last before Quantum

Mozilla has released Firefox 56, the last release before Firefox Quantum in November. Firefox 56 brings some decent changes with it, though, including screenshots, the ability to send tabs and better online form autofilling (for en-US installs only at the moment). There are also a couple of smaller things included which will be mentioned.

The major feature in Firefox 56 is the screenshot tool, there’s a chance you’ve had this feature for a while already because Mozilla was doing a bit of testing on it but now it’s ready for everyone to use. You can read more about the feature in an article we did the other week.

Next up we’ve got Send Tabs; this feature has already been around on Firefox Mobile for a bit already but now it will work from desktop and other mobile apps too. This will save you sending links to yourself in Telegram or whatever messenger you use; there’s also the added bonus that Send Tabs is end-to-end encrypted.

The third big feature is autofill for US users, Mozilla writes:

“Firefox now allows users to complete online forms with multiple input fields like the address fields on your favourite shopping site, by simply selecting a suggestion from the autocomplete dropdown. When users first fill in a form on a compatible website, Firefox automatically saves the field data to “Saved Addresses” under Options (Preferences) so users can reuse such information with forms on new websites.”

With the featured changes out of the way, here’s a rundown of the rest of the changes. There’s an updated preferences menu, media opened in a background tab will not play until the tab is selected, hardware acceleration support has been added for AES-GCM, the Safe Browsing protocol was updated to version 4, the update download file size was shrunk by 20%, security for verifying update downloads has been improved, and finally, the Layout Panel has been added to CSS Grid DevTools,

Source: Mozilla

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