NeoBytes :) Windows 93 has just been released...and it's awesome

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While we are all eagerly awaiting for Windows 10 to be available to the general public, like with the recent leak of build 10031 for the desktop, a pair of hackers have released a new Windows operating system. And it's not Windows 10. Not even something close to Windows 8. They have unleashed Windows 93, a web-based operating system which might have gotten released back in the 90's if its developers were high on drugs.

The project was the brainchild of hackers/artists Jankenpopp and Zombectro, which was started October of last year, with the full version released just a few days ago on Reddit. Taking the operating system for a spin, Windows 93 will greet you with the classic Windows desktop that looks a lot like Windows 95, containing different parodied icons. Internet Explorer for instance, is replaced by "Cat Explorer," which works like a charm (trying to visit Google or Bing will peculiarly redirect you to Ixquick and DuckDuckGo). It also contains a highly improved version of MS Paint, called Piskel.

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Other programs contained on the system are a Wolfenstein-like game called Castle GAFA 3D, a working Solitaire game dubbed as Solitude, a Gameboy Color emulator, and an ASCII-text version of the fourth installation of the Star Wars saga, among other weird programs installed. Clicking on "Totally not a virus. Trust me.. im a dolphin.” does something as well. Click on it at your own risk, if you trust dolphins.

While Windows 93 isn't really meant to be your full-time operating system for a day-to-day use and was just released for fun, the project helps to relive the classic Windows days, which features the basic looks of the popular operating system (and contains a working Start Menu too). You can try out the project here, and have your share of nostalgia too.

Source: Reddit | Images via Windows 93

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