Neowin 5 Years old today (Oct 1st 2000 - 2005)

Today is a big day for Neowin, we've reached a grand total of 5 years online. Thats pretty good for a site like ours, especially one that hasn't stopped growing, refused to lie down dead in the face of serious issues like bad, or lack of hosting, cease and desist letters from 'extremely large companies' and an array of 'member issues' that have put us in a difficult position time and time again. The list is extensive, but so are the positive ones.

Neowin is now a company, funding itself. We no longer have to rent servers, we own them and thats what I'd like to announce today. In the month of October we'll be upgrading your community to version 5. We skipped 4 because, well that was in planning since 2002.

Theres a few reasons why 4 didn't happen and its mostly to do with our position at the time, bad hosting or switching sponsors, it wasn't until late 2003 that we started to go completely self-funded and it's paid off in the long run.

Neowin has purchased 4 servers, all Quad Xeons 3.0 GHz with 4 GB of memory, 3 of them have SCSI drives and 1 has S-ATA. They all run on Redhat Enterprise, and are located in Chicago. They are being setup and will run the new site.

We hope to have a few teasers up today showing elements of the new site, as you can understand we don't want to spill the beans just yet, but believe me, Neowin will rock, we simply won't change anything unless its better for the community.

For now take a look at the preview page for our mission statement and read more for the changelog.

View: Neowin 5 Preview

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