Neowin Annual October Giveaway! 2005 Edition

This year we have a bumper giveaway package. Neowin staff have also contributed this time around offering hosting, software and even an iPod Nano.

We like to celebrate our birthday by giving stuff away, I hope you'll share in the thanks to everyone who has given us stuff to give to you, without their support we couldn't get very far.

If you're a long term member you should know by now that Neowin doesn't require you to do anything silly to take part, as a member you can click the link shown below and that automatically enters you in the draw, no-one is excluded but winners are cross referenced to multiple accounts. If an applicant is shown to enter more than once using multiple memberid's its automatic disqualification!

    from LiUtilities - visit

  • 1x WinTasks Pro

  • 1x SpeedUpMy PC

  • 2x WinBackup Standard

  • 2x WinBackup Pro

    from Paul

  • 1x Macromedia Studio 8 (Download Version)- visit Macromedia

    from Cerulean Studios

  • 5x Trillian Pro Subscriptions - visit

    from SmartFTP

  • 3x SmartFTP Subscriptions - visit

    from Trend Micro

  • 5x Trend Micro PC-Cillin - visit Trend Micro

    from Timdorr @ A Small Orange

  • 3x "Small" (400MB/10GB) hosting packages

    from Frank @ Contrast Hosting

  • 10x SP-01 (Hosting) Packages

    from Messenger:Mate - visit Messenger:Mate website

  • 12x M:M for AIM

  • 12x M:M for MSN

    from Eset - visit

  • 5x 1 year License Nod32 AntiVirus

    from WordPress - visit

  • 5x Pre-Release Invitations to

    from Stardock - visit

  • 5x Object Desktop

  • 5x Galactic Civilizations

    from Microsoft - view info on Windows XP 64 Bit Edition

  • 2x Windows XP 64bit Edition

    from blackice912

  • 1x Black or White iPod Nano ' 5th Birthday Edition'


    from Enigma-Penguin

  • 1x PodMuff or BookMuff from

    and last but most certainly not least!


  • 1x BOOGSoftball Baseball Cap
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