Neowin Contest: Design a Neowin t-shirt!

Update: Contest Ended.

Neowin has for a long time had staff t-shirts. Unfortunately they have not been available to members and even if they were, the designs were not great. The design of a shirt is what obviously sells a shirt and if the design is bad, you aren't going to waste your hard earned money on it.

Neowin is a community full of bucket loads of talent which is why we (staff) have decided to let you guys promote your favourite forum without looking like a complete dork (unless of course you want to). This is where this brand new contest comes into play. Until 25 November we will be running a t-shirt design contest in which the winner will receive $25, a tier-2 Neowin subscription, a free copy of their t-shirt and their design printed for other neowinians to purchase. The runner up will have the choice as to whether they want their design printed for neowinians to purchase and wear alongside the overall winning design.

The requirements are as follows:

  • You must incorporate the Neowin logo which can be found at the bottom of this article (Note. there are two versions to pick from)
  • You must have the website URL somewhere on the t-shirt (
  • If participating, you must enter your design before the deadline. (25 November)
  • You understand that if your design is chosen to be the winner, you may have to make slight changes.
  • There isn't a minimum size as of such but we expect designers to use some common sense when it comes to its size. As it's going to be printed, a design that's 200x200 pixels won't be large enough.
  • It's preferable the design is in .PNG format.
  • You must be a registered Neowin member to participate.


Any submissions become property of Neowin. 

Disclaimer: Neowin reserve the right to modify the design 


Once you have finished your design, PM it to Tom D {contact}. Any questions or queries can also be sent to him.
The rest is up to you! Good luck to everybody and we look forward to seeing the outcomes!

.PNG logo:
Neowin logo Shape: Shape.psd


Q: What's the Neowin font?
A: Comfortaa

Q: How will the design be printed?
A: The design will be printed using laser printing.

Q: $25 for a design you'll resell? Seems unfair.
A: Neowin's profits from the t-shirt will be minimal. Most of the cost will be towards the manufacturing of the t-shirt itself. You're benefiting the community more than Neowin itself.

Q: What's the prize for the winner?
A: 25$, a tier-2 Neowin subscription, a copy of their design on a t-shirt and other neowinians wearing your design.

Q: Is there a runner up prize?
A: The runner up will have the choice whether they want their design printed for neowinians to purchase and wear alongside the overall winning design.

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