Neowin is at CES, let the games begin!

It's hard to believe but CES is at our doorstep again and Neowin is in Las Vegas and will be covering it live as the events unfold. Neowin will be live blogging all of the key Press events and bringing all the details to you as soon as they happen; here is a list of when the Press events will take place.

Covering CES is not a small task, it's hours upon hours of people trying to get your attention so that you will cover their new self watering dog bowl or the 75 new devices that all do the same thing. But, overshadowing those items, are the big guns, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Verizon, Sprint and many others will be there to show off all their latest gadgets.

Expected this year are tons of new tablets, a couple 4G phones from Verizon, WP7 devices on Sprint and Verizon, a potential new OS for set-top boxes from Microsoft, a slim chance at a sneak peak of Windows 8, and who knows what else.

As the world turns to Vegas to see what is new for 2011, you can rest assured that Neowin will bring you the coverage that differs from others. While we wont slap up the self-watering dog bowl, we will try to get an depth look at this years hottest gadgets and present them in a way that is meaningful to you and not just a PR regurgitation.

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Image Above: Credit to "What Stays in Vegas 2010", in blue with camera (Tom Warren), in red with backpack (Brad Sams) and at the bar, window side, Neowin friend Paul Thurrott.

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