Netflix and DreamWorks partner to bring three new exclusive animated shows in 2014

Netflix has pioneered the movement of releasing original media content that is distributed in a non-traditional manner. In 2014, Netflix continues this strategy by adding new original content aimed at children. Netflix will be partnering with DreamWorks and will be adding three original animated series that will utilize established characters from its highly acclaimed animated films. Puss in Boots, which garnered popularity in the Shrek series and having starred in a self-titled spin-off movie, will now have his own series. From the world of Madagascar, King Julien will take center stage as he makes his debut in his first series. Veggie Tales, a long running series will unleash a new story arc entitled "Veggie Tales in the House". Lastly, Turbo FAST (Netflix and DreamWorks first original animated series) will return with a second set of original episodes that will debut in April. 

Reaching out to DreamWorks, Puss in Boots and King Julien will not be voiced by their original voice actors (Antonia Banderas and Sasha Baron Cohen) and will instead be replaced by new talent. DreamWorks was not able to elaborate on who the replacement voice talents would be. Puss in Boots, King Julien, and Veggie Tales will release in late 2014 and Turbo FAST will release in April.

Source: Netflix and DreamWorksImage: DreamWorks 

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