New images leak of the canceled Microsoft Xbox Watch

Back in September, some images leaked of an alleged Xbox Watch that's been canceled by Microsoft. It seems that Twitter user Hikari Calyx (via Windows Central) got ahold of one though, and the user published images of the device actually powered on.

According to Windows Central, the product only had four apps at this stage in its development: Workout, GPS, Settings, and USB debugging. This device actually predates 2014's Band, so it was at a time when Microsoft was trying to expand the Xbox brand beyond gaming. Its entertainment services used the Xbox name, like Xbox Music and Xbox Video. There was even a rumored Xbox Surface tablet.

Since then, of course, Microsoft has refocused the Xbox brand on gaming.

The company has also abandoned its wearable efforts, canceling its plans for a Band 3 in late 2016. Nokia also had plans for a smartwatch codenamed Moonraker, but those were scrapped when Microsoft acquired the company's devices and services division, in favor of Band.

It's always fun to take a look at these leaks to see what might have been. As you can see from the gallery below, the Xbox Watch had a square screen of about 1.5 inches, similar in form factor to the Apple Watch. The interface uses the rectangular tiles that we're all familiar with on Xbox devices, and it's branded on the back with the Xbox logo.

It's unclear how far into development this device made it. Hopefully, we'll get to see a leak of something that was a bit further along.

Source: Hikari Calyx (Twitter) via Windows Central

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