New Telegram updates arrive with chat exports, and better notifications

Telegram messenger has been updated to version 4.9.1 on mobile, and version 1.3.13 on desktop, bringing with it notification exceptions which give you the option of creating custom notifications, the ability to export your chat history to HTML on desktop, Telegram Passport now supports more types of data, the password hashing algorithm has been improved to better protect Telegram Passport data, and libtgvoip has been bumped to version 2.2.3 and improved call quality/stability.

With chat exports on desktop, users who have a long chat history can easy backup their messages and sift through the data more easily. On desktop, head to Settings > Export Telegram data, and pick the options you’d like. Additionally, you can export individual chat by opening the … menu in any chat and hitting Export chat history. Once the HTML file is exported, you can open it within your browser and navigate your data easily.

With Exceptions in notifications, you can set specific users to be unmuted or muted, that way if you set notifications on or off by default, those contacts in the exceptions list will be excluded from the general rules. To add exceptions, head to Settings > Notifications and add the contacts you want to make exceptions for.

As for Telegram Passport, the feature that lets you login to third-party apps that require a real life identity, several more services now support the feature. In its blog post, the Telegram team writes:

“To name just a few projects that integrated Telegram Passport: Sum & Substance (KYC & user verification), CEX.IO and Xena (cryptocurrency exchanges), CryptoPay (wallet), YouDrive (carsharing), Profi and Worki (job marketplaces), Minter Network and Minexcoin (blockchain startups), KICKICO, Cryptonomos and ICOadmin (ICO platforms).”

Additionally, the Passport feature now supports names in original languages and allows you to use additional types of documents. Lastly, the algorithms that encrypt Passport data have been enhanced to better secure your data against hacking attacks coming from Telegram (they point out this is unlikely anyway). The new measures ensure that only you have access to that information.

The new updates are available for iOS, Android, and desktop right now.

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