Nintendo will offer a Joy-Con AA Battery Pack and Switch Standalone Dock

Along with a wide array of software being announced by Nintendo in its Direct broadcast today, the firm also took the time to announce some new hardware for the Switch. While these might not be major new components, they should make some folks lives easier when traveling about with their console.

Although it might be convenient to travel with the Switch and its Joy-Con controllers, there isn't an easy way to charge them separately, since they are charged through the console when docked. Naturally, you could opt to purchase the separate charging station for the controllers, but that solution is quite large and cumbersome to carry. Luckily, Nintendo will release a new accessory come June 16 in the form of its Joy-Con AA Battery Pack. The battery pack can be seen above and simply slides into the existing side rails of the Joy-Con controllers and is powered by standard AA batteries. It will be interesting to see how this addition to the slim Joy-Con will feel during gameplay.

The Switch has the ability to convert into a home system that can be played on your TV, but requires the dock to do so. If you are someone that likes to share the experience of the Switch by going to other people's homes frequently, you might be tempted to purchase another dock to make things easier. Nintendo will now offer such an option with the Switch Standalone Dock that will become available on May 19.

While offering these types of accessories is all well and good, it will be important to see how Nintendo prices them. The firm has received quite a bit of flack from consumers in regards to how it is pricing its current accessories like the Joy-Con controller, the Joy-Con Charging Grip, and other items.

Source: Nintendo

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