Nokia and Microsoft Windows Phone ads very, very similar

Rumours have been swirling around the Internet for quite some time, detailing how Microsoft is keeping Nokia afloat and that eventually they will purchase the Finnish phone giant and integrate the Nokia brand into the Microsoft fold. While there are no solid foundations for these rumours to become more, it’s the little things that are said and done that will fuel the never ending fire of speculation.

So I guess it doesn’t help that Nokia’s Lumia 820 and 920 #Switch adverts bear a striking resemblance to the Microsoft "Reinvented around you" adverts. Whether it’s part of a bigger plan, or simple logistics for shooting the actors in the clips, both adverts have the same style, similar characters and similar locations. The main difference is that the Microsoft advert shows Nokia and HTC handsets being used by many different characters, showing diversity in the brand.

What can be said though is by keeping the adverts similar it keeps the Windows Phone brand consistent, giving the impression that regardless of the handset or the manufacturer, the same OS experience will be available to all users.

The only negative for both Nokia and HTC is, that if you’re not concentrating on the phone, but the OS, the handsets, due to their bold colours and similar designs, all start to bleed into one. While good for Microsoft, it could be confusing for the consumer.

Overall though, it’s nice to see this level of consistency across the Windows Phone brand.

Source: YouTube

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