Nokia Lumia 1320 revealed in leaked image

It seems like there's not much more left to reveal ahead of the Nokia World keynote tomorrow. After weeks of leaks of the new Lumia 1520 six-inch phablet, earlier today we got a glimpse of the same device alongside new 'Guru' and 'Treasure Tag' accessories

Renowned leaker @evleaks has struck again, revealing a render of a device referred to as the Lumia 1320. Earlier reports had suggested that this device, possibly codenamed 'Batman', would have a large display and a low price tag, perhaps a replacement for the Lumia 625.

However, the render shows that the device has an additional column of tiles on its Start screen - a feature delivered in Windows Phone 8 Update 3 - which Microsoft has said is exclusively available on handsets with 1080p screens. Those with lower resolutions must make do with the standard layout. It's unlikely that Nokia and Microsoft are planning to deliver 1080p displays to its entry-level devices, which suggests that this handset is more likely to be a smaller version of the Lumia 1520. 

That squares up nicely with rumours of the Lumia 929 for Verizon Wireless, which previous reports suggested would have a large display, roughly five inches in size, with 1080p resolution. The styling of the 929 is squarer than the 1320 render, with only black and white models expected. But considering that the Lumia 928 also differed in styling from the 920 before it - despite its internals being near-identical - it's not too alarming that the 1320 would differ so much from the 929, if these are indeed members of the same family. 

A second tweet from @evleaks reveals the rear of the 1320. Notably, there is no PureView branding here, which might undermine the notion that this is a premium device after all: 

Hopefully, all will be revealed tomorrow - the Nokia World keynote begins at 0700GMT and will be streamed online. 

Source: @evleaks

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