Oculus VR hires former Halo 4 art director from Microsoft

Oculus VR, currently in the middle of closing its deal that will see it acquired by Facebook for $2 billion, has hired yet another well known developer to expand its first party team that's making games for its Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet.

The new team member is Kenneth Scott, who will serve as art director for the company. Oculus VR revealed the hiring of Scott on its Facebook page. Previously, Scott worked at Microsoft as art director for 343 Industries and helped to create the visual style of its 2012 first person shooter Halo 4 for the Xbox 360. Scott departed 343 Industries in January.

Scott will be reunited at Oculus VR with its chief technology officer John Carmack; both men worked together while they were at id Software on Quake III Arena, Doom III and Rage.

Oculus VR has not commented on what types of games or experiences are being developed in-house for the Oculus Rift device. However, the hiring of Carmack, Scott, former Valve Software team member Michael Abrash and others would strongly suggest that the company will indeed be creating some kind of software that's more than just a software demo for the virtual reality helmet.

Source: Oculus VR on Facebook | Image via Oculus VR

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