OnePlus TV comes out next month, launches in India first

Just last week OnePlus unveiled the brand name and logo for its long-awaited smart television, the OnePlus TV. Just a few short hours ago, the Chinese company announced a prospective release date and place for the device. The OnePlus TV set comes out in India this September - which happens to be next month.

OnePlus asked members of its forum to 'stay tuned for exciting news to come' while revealing the TV brand last week. Additionally, in September 2018 CEO Pete Lau revealed the company's plans to launch a smart TV for the connected home this year.

Sadly, the rest of the world will have to wait as the OnePlus TV hits the Indian market first and OnePlus is still working on bringing the product to other regions. The Chinese phone-maker intends to launch the smart TV in North America, Europe and China regions as soon as it has 'established partnerships with most of the local and regional content providers'.

A OnePlus staff member explained the reason behind choosing India as the initial area of launch:

"We all know, “content is king,” which remains one of the major reasons for television's continued relevance in our lives. Yet, the content ecosystem is quite different from one country to another. We have always had a very positive relationship with content providers in India, who have always been willing to partner with us, which guarantees great content for our users."

The statement, specifically the words 'content is king' combined with the reason for the delayed release in other parts of the world hint that OnePlus is working at offering a decent selection of content through its smart television set. The announcement also stated that the OnePlus TV would act as a 'smart social hub' and mentioned new technologies such as IoT, 5G, AI, VR and AR - although it didn't state whether any of these would be included in the TV itself.

Unfortunately, no exact details were revealed about the OnePlus TV, bringing the total known technical facts about the upcoming product to nil. Since the device is coming out at some point next month, it can be expected that OnePlus might reveal more information about the smart TV set in the days to come.

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