Opera GX browser now comes with dynamic background music because why not

Opera GX, a browser designed for PC gamers, has launched a unique new feature - adaptive background music – to bring the immersive sound experience of gaming to web browsing.

Opera GX was launched in June last year with unique features and design elements tailored to the needs of gamers. The company claims that Opera GX has grown 183% year-to-date and now reaches over 4 million monthly active gamers.

Opera GX already boasts of sound effects designed by the acclaimed composer Ruben Rincón and the Berlinist band, known for the BAFTA-nominated soundtrack to Gris.

Opera claims that the new dynamic background music in Opera GX is an ambient downtempo that boosts the users’ focus. It intensifies whenever users are actively browsing the web, clicking on links or typing, and becomes less dramatic and calmer whenever they become less active.

Of course, the background music as well as other sound effects can be individually toggled on and off in the browser’s settings.

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