Oracle OpenWorld: Setting up for the show

After a two-hour delay at the airport due to heavy fog in San Francisco, we're now on the ground and ready for Larry Ellison's keynote Sunday afternoon. We went down to the Mascone Convention Center to pick up our registration and also to walk around and get an idea of how Oracle will be marketing the conference.

After walking around, the focus is clear: Oracle is a key component for every major company and its influence is only growing with its new engineered systems, namely the Exadata (database appliance) and Exalogic (Weblogic appliance). Oracle's purchase of Sun gave them a strong hardware stack to merge with their already dominant software platform, and references to Exa- products are everywhere. Many of the posters around the Moscone Convention Center have the Twitter hashtag #Exa - although a search of that phrase doesn't currently bring up much Oracle-centric information.

Oracle also has some compelling stats on their market penetration. While everyone's to hearing things like, "200 of the top 500 companies use product X," Oracle is upping the ante with signs stating that, "20 out of 20 of the top get better results with Oracle." From airlines, to hospitals, to universities, the implication is that Oracle software is running the world - and with not only the most powerful database in the industry, but also strong middleware, hardware, and even the Java programming language, it's clear how Oracle is dominating the market.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the OpenWorld conference and be sure to let us know if you have any specific questions that you'd like to see addressed.

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