Has Microsoft increased security around Xbox buildings?

We have been getting leaks about Microsoft's plans for its next Xbox game console for some time. Everything from a detailed internal "Xbox 720" roadmap to people actually selling what they claim are next generation XBOX SDK hardware on eBay have found their way to the Internet.

Now a new rumor claims that Microsoft may be trying to prevent further leaks ahead of a planned full announcement. Geekwire.com reports, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has put in new security measures at some of its Xbox-based building in Redmond, Washington.

Specifically, the report claims that four buildings on the Redmond campus that are a part of the Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business sections will soon have open access only to employees in those divisions as well as vendors that work directly with those divisions. Other Microsoft employees and vendors that are not a part of those divisions, but still need to enter the buildings for business reasons, will have to register as visitors, either online or at the buildings, and be escorted by an employee of that division.

The report claims that the new security procedures is something of a first at Microsoft and will be fully implemented by the end of October. There's lots of speculation that Microsoft could launch the "next Xbox" sometime in the fall of 2013.

Source: Geekwire.com
Security image via Shutterstock

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