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Origin PC offers gaming PCs overclocked to 5.2 GHz

The boutique gaming PC builder Origin PC is offering a pretty cool way to make sure its gaming rigs are boosted up to their highest potential. Maximum PC reports that the company is offering to overclock any of its PCs with the newly announced Intel Core i7 2700k processor all the way up to an insane 5.2 Ghz. The Core i7 2700k normally has a clock speed of just 3.5 Ghz.

Obviously, this kind of set up requires a cooling system and Origin PC has developed its own custom liquid cooling solution. You will have to pay an extra $570 for this kind of service from an Origin PC system.

In many respects, the gaming PC industry is much like the custom car business. We see gearheads buying parts for their cars to increase horsepower and speed. It's much the same way for hardcore PC gamers who want to be able to squeeze out every single bit of performance from their CPU, GPU, hard drive and other components.

Most new PC games don't really need a high powered gaming PC to run well. While that's good for the game's developers, (the more PCs that can run your game, the better)  the release this week of Battlefield 3, which reportedly needs a PC with high end parts to run well at the highest graphics setting, is a return to form of PC games that really attempt to push the envelop of hardware.

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