Panasonic's 20-inch Windows 8 tablet to have 3840x2560 resolution

At CES 2013 in January, Panasonic surprised the attendees by showing off a 20-inch Windows 8-based tablet that it claimed had a 4K screen resolution. No other information about the tablet was revealed at the time. Today, Microsoft offered up a new nugget of info about the still unnamed tablet, but it's a doozy.

In a post on its Extreme Windows blog, the company said it showed off the Panasonic tablet as part of last week's National Association of Broadcasters. The blog revealed that the actual resolution of the tablet will be 3840x2560, which is actually slightly larger than the normal 4K resolution of 3840x2160. The blog also said the aspect ratio of the tablet will be 15x10.

The blog's author says that he got a chance to play with the Panasonic tablet and claimed that he was surprised at how thin and light it was, despite its 20-inch size, adding, "I would consider it to be a very thin if it were just a display with no PC inside!" There's an image that shows one side of the tablet, which indeed makes the tablet look rather slim

So when is this super-sized but also super-thin Windows 8 tablet coming out? Microsoft's blog labeled it as "soon-to-be-released" so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer, although we expect that it will also have a pretty high end price tag.

Source: Microsoft | Images via Microsoft

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