PlatinumGames announces Project G.G., its first self-published title

PlatinumGames is a fairly well-known company in the videogame world. The team has developed many critically-acclaimed titles over the years, such as the Bayonetta franchise, NieR: Automata, and last year's Astral Chain on the Nintendo Switch. Today, Hideki Kamiya, chief game designer at PlatinumGames, announced Project G.G., a tentative title for an upcoming game from the company.

The announcement comes along with a teaser trailer, which shows a large city being struck by some sort of alien invasion. The short video reveals a Kaiju-like creature wreaking havoc on the city, until a human character steps in and transforms into a gigantic humanoid robot, but there isn't much more in the way of context. Based on previous works from PlatinumGames, it's likely this will be an action game of some kind.

What's really unique about this title, though, is that it's the first time PlatinumGames is not only developing but handling everything related to publishing and marketing. While its previous games have been quite popular, the company has always worked under a contract for someone else, meaning it had to tailor to that company's vision. Bayonetta was originally the result of a partnership with Sega, though Nintendo picked it up for the second and third installments, and NieR: Automata was developed for Square Enix. This time around, every aspect of the game is the hands of PlatinumGames.

Being that the company has been working under contracts for 14 years, launching a self-published title will certainly be a massive endeavor. Nonetheless, PlatinumGames expects this to be the first of many self-published titles coming later. As of right now, Project G.G. has no set release date or availability details.

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