Pricing for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 2990X could be as low as €1,500

Earlier this month, and just a day after Intel's tease of a mammoth 28-core processor aimed at PCs at Computex, AMD unveiled its second-generation 32-core Threadripper CPU. Capable of handling up to 64 threads and based on the company's 12nm Zen+ architecture, the chip will be socket compatible with existing TR4 motherboards once released in the third quarter of this year. Since then, though, there has not been much information as far as pricing has been concerned.

That may now have actually changed, at least unofficially, after pricing for the purported AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990X was spotted on a German tech retailer's website by The page has since been taken down from Cyberport's website however a copy still exists in the Google cache at the time of writing. With the price pegged at just over €1,500 (roughly $1,745), the pricing already comes in well below Intel's i9-7980XE 18-core processor which will go for $1,999 at some point later this year. If this does, in fact, end up holding true, it could end up putting some pressure on Intel to examine and revise the pricing of its processors.

The leak comes a week after alleged Cinebench results for the Threadripper 2990X found their way online, which included a peak score of 6,399. Of course, with any such unofficial information, it remains to be seen as to how accurate it all ends up being in the end and whether or not the pricing was a temporary placeholder.

Source: via TechRadar

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