Psystar's new method of income: T-shirts

The case of Psystar versus Apple has been a long and tedious one. The former's business was selling the software of the latter, on generic PC hardware; something that Apple doesn't take kindly to. Psystar was ordered to stop their business, but has now introduced a new product.

Though the company can't sell the very devices it was formed to sell, they have now introduced T-shirts, based on their recent loss in the courts. The quote on the Psystar's site states, "If you purchase the software, shouldn't you be able to do with it what you choose? If you are also of the opinion that Mac OS should not be tied to Apple hardware, continue to show your support of both Open Computing and Psystar by purchasing a t-shirt. Psystar is of the opinion that if you purchase a product, you should be free to do with it what you please. A retail copy of an OS should be no different. If you believe in Open Computing and you would like to show your support, buy a shirt."

This is a rather interesting method, but any method of money is better than none; the shirts'll cost you $15, and will help support the cause of "Open Computing," as Psystar puts it. An image of the T-shirt is included below, if any of you are considering picking one up.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo.

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