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Twitter's 370 banned passwords

Password security is something that nearly all sites (including Neowin) take very seriously. Twitter is no exception to this either and they have 370 passwords that are banned from being used on the popular social networking site.

TechCrunch has discovered that Twitter hard coded the list into the sign-up page; all you need to do is view the source code then search for 'twttr.BANNED_PASSWORDS' and you will find the list of banned passwords.

It's a little ironic that they have these listed in such an accessible place. If an attacker were to base his attack off of a dictionary, they could remove these 370 words and cut down on the amount of time it would take to crack the account, albeit not significantly reducing the time.

The full 370 word list (actually 369 words as "password" is on the list twice) is pasted below in a text file. Remember to keep your passwords as unique as possible because the more characters, numbers and special characters (if allowed) the less likely your account will be compromised.

Download: Banned Twitter Password List

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