Rage DLC The Scorchers coming Tuesday

Over a year ago, developer id Software released their first in-house game in over six years with the first person shooter Rage. The game got good, but not great, reviews and the PC version was released with so many graphical bugs that even id's main programmer John Carmack admitted that the PC port had problems. id later released patches that fixed these issues.

On Tuesday, id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks will release the first official DLC pack for Rage. It's called The Scorchers and PC owners will be able to download the pack for $4.99.

The pack will add six new single player areas to the game, along with a new storyline that involves your player character helping to defend a settlement from a roving band called The Scorchers. The DLC pack will also add a new weapon, the Nailgun, along with new mini-games and yet another session of the ultimate reality show, Mutant Bash TV.

The Scorchers will also add a new difficult mode for the entire game, Ultra-Nightmare, which sounds like it will be ultra-hard to complete. Finally, the DLC pack will allow players to continue to collect items and achievements in Rage even after they complete the main storyline via the new Extended Play mode.

Source: Bethblog | Image via Bethesda Softworks

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