Redbox Instant now supports Chromecast

Google's Chromecast is an amazing little device at a great pricepoint, but the one thing that's historically been lacking is support for a wide range of applications. Sure, Netflix and YouTube have been on board since day one and you can stream whatever you want from the Chrome browser, but after that things start to get slim.

That said, it's great to see that, slowly, compatibility is improving. For example, Redbox Instant just released an update that lets you stream to the Chromecast. Although Redbox charges a lot to stream their movies, especially when compared to physical rentals, we're in favor of anything that makes the Chromecast a more viable option in the living room.

Now that Google has released the APIs, we suspect that we'll be seeing a much wider range of applications that take advantage of the device. It's simplicity and flexibility should result in a much improved offering of services in the near future.

Source: Google Play | Image via Google

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