Review: Cooler Master ATC-710

Thanks to Mack of OCAddiction for pointing us in the direction of this ripper review.

OCAddiction has the Cooler Master ATC-710 case in their labs for an informative review today. Not nearly as expensive as Cooler Master's 100 and 200 series cases, so this one may appeal to the folks with a few less $$ in their pockets. Although OCA points out a few of the cases shortcomings, it's certainly a worthy read. Here's a snip:

"The ATC-710 is based on the very familiar Chieftec/Antec design. Even the rails for the 5 1/4" drives have Chieftec printed on them. Now at first I was a little pissed when I realized this, but then I realized if you were going to copy a design, the Chieftec case is probably the best. Kinda like buying a brand new Z-28, opening the hood and find you have a Corvette engine inside. Who am I to complain? Also, Cooler Master has made a big improvement to the case by replacing that plastic front cover with a nice looking aluminum one.

News source: OCAddiction

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