Revisiting the past: Unboxing the Nokia Purity Pro by Monster

At one point in time, Nokia was on top of the world. But then, things started to change. But through it all, Nokia still chugged along, producing interesting devices like the Nokia 2520. It also offered a wide variety of accessories, including wireless speakers, earbuds and even a headphone collaboration with Monster. If you were an audiophile at the time and wanted something Nokia, you most likely might have considered the Purity Pro or something similar.

To have a bit of fun, we thought it would be good to unbox a fresh and unused set of these headphones as a throwback. Despite its age, the headphones actually pack quite a few features like Bluetooth with support for aptX, NFC pairing, a wired connection option via a 3.5mm jack, and noise cancellation. The model came in three colors: red, yellow, and black - that would have paired perfectly with the Lumias that were available at that time.

Unfortunately, the Nokia of yore is long gone, but luckily its name lives on via HMD Global, which has done a great job releasing various handsets and has even paid homage to some retro model with updated releases.

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