RIM CEO currently uses a Blackberry 10 phone

How confident is Research in Motion's CEO Thorsten Heins in the company's upcoming Blackberry 10 operating system? He's so confident he's already started using a version of the OS for work, months before it is officially scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2013.

In a chat with Bloomberg today, Heins revealed that has started to use a smartphone with Blackberry 10 installed inside for his own use. He also said that despite RIM's current problems, he is confident that the company and Blackberry 10 will compete with iOS, Android and the surging Windows Phone OS, stating, "We’re here to win. We’re not here to fight for third or fourth place."

Earlier this month, Heins hinted strongly that the company was going to license its upcoming Blackberry 10 operating system to third parties. Today, Heins confirmed that the company is going to offer Blackberry 10 to other smartphone hardware companies. Heins pointed out that Blackberry 10 is based on QNX, which is already been licensed for use in non-smartphone devices like cars.

Indeed, it seems RIM is going to try to get into other hardware areas besides just making smartphones and tablets in the future. Heins states, "Smartphones are a part of our business, but we’re looking way beyond this."

Source: Bloomberg | Image via CNET/CBS Interactive

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