Office 2013 to support Strict Open XML and ODF 1.2 formats

Microsoft has already announced that the new version of Word in the upcoming Office 2013 will support the opening and editing of PDF document files for the first time in the history of Word. Today, Microsoft announced that Office 2013 will add two more new document formats to the mix.

In a post on the company's Office Next blog, Microsoft confirmed that Office 2013 will support Strict Open XML. While Office 2010 could open and read Strict Open XML files, Office 2013 will allow users to write in that format for the first time.

Office 2013 will also support Open Document Format (ODF) 1.2. The previous version was supported by Office 2007 SP2 and the 1.2 standard was formally adopted by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards in January. Microsoft states:

The most significant improvement in ODF 1.2 is the specification of Open Formula to standardize formulas for spreadsheets. Excel 2013 provides very complete support for Open Formula. The new Office also supports XAdES digital signatures, added in ODF 1.2.

Microsoft says that the additions of these new document formats for Office 2013 will give its users " ... more options for sharing, collaborating, and archiving office documents."

Source: Office Next blog

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