Rumor: Details about next Rainbow Six game revealed?

While fans of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy brand of games have the next Ghost Recon game to look forward to in the first quarter of 2012, Ubisoft is also apparently working hard on the next game in the Rainbow Six tactical shooter series as well. While Ubisoft has yet to officially announce the game, the gaming web site Kotaku claims to have seen a video of the upcoming game in action along with some early screenshots.

According to the story, the new Rainbow Six game will be much more story driven than previous games in the series as the secret counter-terrorist Team Rainbow is fighting off a domestic terrorist threat in New York City. Kotaku also claims that the new game will have a "morality system". That means that if you make certain choices in the game it will change the storyline. The ultimite result is that the single player campaign will have multiple endings thus giving the single player portion more replay value.

Based on a concept by tecnho thriller writer Tom Clancy, the first Rainbow Six game was released in 1998 by developer Red Storm Entertainment. It was the first shooter game that let players plan attacks beforehand instead of just starting a level and having to guess where to go. Ubisoft purchased Red Storm in 2000. The publisher has released a number of Rainbow Six games for the PC and consoles, some of which were developed by other Ubisoft studios. The last major game in the series was Rainbow Six Vegas 2 in 2008.

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