Samsung becomes US market leader for first time

Samsung now commands the greatest marketshare in the world's largest handset market as revealed by the latest research from Strategy Analytics. Bonny Joy, a Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics stated that Samsung's record 22.4% marketshare was due to "Samsung's growing retail presence and an attractive handset portfolio for each of the big four operators."

Once king, Motorola now only holds 21.1% marketshare down from the massive 32.7% it had held in the previous year. Motorola had led the US market for the past four consecutive years. This is unfortunate for the declining company as the market continues to experience growth.

Mobile phone shipments in to the United States were 47.4 million over the past quarter, up 6.2% from the previous year despite the financial turmoil. Reasons for the abnormal growth given by Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics included: "Attractive bundling schemes from operators, healthy subsidies and aggressive pre-stocking by distributors ahead of the holiday season."

The research also showed that Apple managed to reach sixth position in the last quarter. This comes after AT&T lowered the price of Apple's iPhone causing a surge in demand.

News source: MarketWatch and ZDNet

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