Samsung corrects itself: Galaxy Note10's frame is made of aluminium, not stainless steel

Samsung took the wraps off its Galaxy Note10 lineup earlier this week. The phones are some of the best Samsung has ever made, featuring a crisp AMOLED display, a pro-grade camera and an even better S Pen. And while the Note10 looks amazing, Samsung made a bit of a blunder when it came to the promotional material for its handset.

Following the launch, an introductory video about the new phones uploaded to the Korean giant's YouTube channel, alongside the Note10 website, indicated the phones' frames were made of stainless steel. Samsung's flagships have traditionally been made of aluminium so it was quite the departure for the company to follow in Apple's footsteps and adopt a new material for its phone. Even more surprising, the company made no mention of the change in its presentation.

Why? Well, it turns out, it was all a mistake. The phones are still made of aluminium, as confirmed by Samsung to The Verge. The fact that the error was found in two separate places would indicate Samsung was probably contemplating moving to a stainless steel design but ultimately decided to stick with what it was already doing. Looks like some of the marketing team didn't get the memo.

The website has now been updated and the YouTube video has been pulled from the channel. In its place, Samsung has uploaded a new video with the reference to stainless steel removed.

Source: The Verge

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