SanDisk's newest flash drive is the smallest to feature 1TB of storage

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One of the more interesting products to come out of CES this week was a prototype USB Type-C flash drive from SanDisk, sporting a massive 1TB storage capacity.

While high capacity flash storage is nothing new - indeed, Kingston already has a 2TB flash drive - SanDisk's offering is much smaller than the Kingston behemoth. It looks almost like the small 64-128 GB flash drives you'll see people running around with, but the company has been able to cram in a hard drive's worth of storage into that small enclosure.

The as-yet-unnamed drive also features a USB Type-C port, making it perfect for expanding your smartphone's rather limited storage capacity. While owners of older PCs will find the product unappealing as a result, most PCs in the last couple of years also come with a Type-C port and, so, should be compatible.

SanDisk showed a working prototype of the flash drive at CES this week but no other details were revealed, however. The drive's availability and pricing will be provided at a later date, though given the impressive specs, we expect it to be rather pricey.

Source: SanDisk

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