Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 announced, comes with 50 retro cartridge and CD games

Sega Genesis Mini 2 product shots

When mini retro consoles were all the rage a few years ago, Sega brought out the Mega Drive Mini (or the Genesis Mini in North America), a pocket-sized system containing a suite of classic games. Now it's time for the sequel. During a recent stream, the company revealed the Mega Drive Mini 2.

In today's announcement, Sega said 50 pre-installed games will ship with the upcoming mini console, with Mega Drive and Mega CD titles being included. Some of the confirmed games are Sonic CD, Virtua Racing, Shining Force CD, and Popful Mail, and there will even be several "bonus titles" that were not original releases on the platform.

While the full list of games is yet to be revealed, the original mini console from 2019 had some differences in the available game lineup depending on what regional variant was purchased. This could be the case with the second iteration too.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 product shots
Sega CD mini cosmetic add-on kit

With the base package, fans will receive the miniaturized console, one full-sized authentic controller, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable for power. For those looking to recreate the original console's appearance with the Sega CD attached, the company is also offering an appropriately miniaturized CD add-on for purchase, purely for cosmetic purposes.

Currently, the Mega Drive Mini 2 has only a release planned for Japan, with it launching on October 27, 2022, sporting a 9,980 yen ($75) price tag. Sega is yet to announce a western release for the product, but considering its previous mini console saw a worldwide launch, an official announcement should be coming soon.

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