Shipping delays reported for some Galaxy S III models

Technically, the first shipments of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones are due to be made in parts of Europe, including the UK, later this week, starting in some locations as early as tomorrow. However, it looks like only one model of the Android 4.0 smartphone will be made available for sale at first. reports that according to UK wireless provider Vodafone, only the people who pre-ordered the white 16 GB version of the Galaxy S III will receive them from the carrier this week as promised. The 32 GB white version, along with the 16 and 32 GB versions of the pebble blue colored model, have been delayed.

According to a statement from Vodafone, "We’re working closely with Samsung to ensure devices reach our customers as soon as possible and will be contacting them directly to advise them on their order’s progress." There's no word on why there have been delays in these models, although the story has posted a rumor that there might be an issue with the pebble blue's back cover.

There's also no official word on when these other Galaxy S III models will ship to the UK, but the story says it might be two to four more weeks before they are available for sale. In any case, it looks like there will be shortages of the Galaxy S III when it makes its European debut.


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