SIS, Via axe Pentium 4 chipset prices

The Cutthroat battle on prices has extended to chipset prices as Via and SIS, both of which make Pentium 4 chipsets, moved to compete with Intel's 845D chipset.

According to the TaiwanEconomic News, Via and SIS have cut prices on their offerings to $20, much less that the Intel price of $35 or so.

That may force Intel to cut prices on its chipset earlier than the April 1st date is has told its PC manufacturers, with the Taiwanese newspaper saying it may happen as early as next month.

Via's price is cheaper than SIS' as it pays no royalty to Intel for a Pentium 4 licence, a matter which is currently the subject of alleged patent infringement iltigation in the courts.

ALi also has a licence for the Pentium 4 chipset although products in its Aladdin line have been delayed for reasons unknown.

And ATi was the first to sign a licence with Intel, in a deal which also allows the chip giant to use the Canadian firm's graphics technology.

Nvidia wants a Pentium 4 licence but the word on the street is that Intel is refusiing to give it one.

Meanwhile the drought of Intel Pentium 4s appears to be continuing, according to the EN, although we understand at The Inquirer that the firm is speeding up its move to .13 micron technology.

Most of the products it will bring out during this year, including the Pentium 4 notebook chips expected this spring, will use the .13 micron process.

McKinley, however, Intel's flagship processor which will be introduced in three flavours, is believed to be made on .18 micron technology.

News source: The Inquirer - SIS, Via axe Pentium 4 chipset prices

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