Skype video messaging exits preview, still not on Windows Phone

Microsofts Skype video messaging service has exited preview and is now available for free in the majority of Skype applications, tough the video-sharing feature has yet to make its way to the companys Windows Phone operating system.

Yasmin Khan, product manager for Skype Premium, announced the services release in a post on the companys official blog, noting that the feature is currently available for the Windows desktop client, Mac client, Windows 8 app, iOS app (including both iPhone and iPad variants), Android app and BlackBerry app. Notably absent from the list of supported platforms is Microsofts own Windows Phone OS.

As its name implies, Skype video messaging allows users to send recorded video messages; the messages can last up to three minutes and be previewed prior to being sent. Messages are sent free of charge, as with the Microsoft subsidiarys popular video chatting service.

The video messaging service has been in preview for Mac, iOS and Android since Feb. 15, and later came to the Windows desktop client and Windows 8 app on April 30 and May 2, respectively.

Source: Skype

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