Speculation continues that Microsoft will buy Nokia's phone divison

Way back in May we first covered that Nokia may sell its phone division to Microsoft. Those rumors have again show their face and this time it was picked up by Bloomberg citing Danske Bank saying that "the mobile-phone maker may sell its smartphone business to Microsoft Corp".

Of course, like any good rumor, Nokia's stock jumped up a healthy 3.2 percent on the rumors and for those that may not know, Nokia is more than just a mobile phone vendor so this would not kill the entire company.

If Microsoft would purchase the unit, it would take them down a similar path to Google who recently made a move to snatch up Motorola Mobility. But, if Microsoft does purchase the unit, it could unsettle the relationships with its current vendors such as HTC and Samsung who also make Windows Phone hardware.

Will Microsoft purchase the unit? It makes for an interesting thought as Microsoft is primarily a software maker and bringing in a hardware company would allow it to have complete control over its products. Only Microsoft knows at this point whether it will actually happen, but for now the rumor is still very much alive.

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