Spotify update adds support for iPhone X display

While things look great on the iPhone X's new display, but there are still many apps that have not been updated to take full advantage of the screen real estate it affords. Luckily, the app from one of the more popular music streaming services has now been updated, allowing it to take full advantage of the screen on the iPhone X.

If you're a Spotify user that owns an iPhone X, you might have noticed that the app no longer is confined to a box with black borders on the top and bottom, and now expands to the upper reaches of the display that flank the still debated notch. The latest update, version 8.4.28, allows the music streaming app to take full advantage of the 5.8-inch display, making it look quite good, but otherwise there isn't any added functionality.

You can download the latest update by heading to the App Store on your iPhone or if you want to check out more details about the app, you can hit the source link down below.

Source: Spotify (App Store) via 9to5Mac

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