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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 is out with overhauled PVP action, a new space station, HDR and more

Star Citizen Alpha 320

Every few months, Cloud Imperium Games pushes out a major content update to its in-development sci-fi RPG Star Citizen. Today, another one of these quarterly updates hit the crowdfunded multiplayer title's live servers, offering all backers access to a new suite of features and content. Star Citizen 'Alpha 3.20 - Fully Loaded' has substantial changes for PVP action fans, new cargo functionality, a fresh space station, and more.

In the Persistent Universe portion of the title, players heading to the gas giant Crusader will find Port Olisar being replaced with a new orbiting station. Dubbed Seraphim Station, the new space station is built using Cloud Imperium Games' latest engine tech and modular design philosophies. It now features hangars, cargo decks, shopping, clinics, and Player Habs.

Being that Port Olisar was one of the oldest stations to be added to the game, arriving in 2015, the developer has noted that the fan-favorite 'retro' location may pop back up in the future at another location in the Star Citizen universe.

With the launch of the MISC Hull cargo hauler ship, cargo management as a whole has received an overhaul. Players can now utilize automated cargo loading at Low Earth Orbit stations and transport much larger boxes inside ships.

Star Citizen Alpha 320

Over in Arena Commander, the matchmaking-based PVP portion of Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium has delivered brand-new maps for racing, dog fighting, and FPS rounds. Everything from the interface to the available game modes has received updates and new content to explore. Players will now find team tank battles, gun games, 1v1 matchups, and even a Vanduul Swarm horde mode to jump into.

The update also carries HDR support for those playing with compatible monitors, an illegal salvage coverup mission to delve into, vehicle handling improvements, and a horde of bug fixes. Find the complete patch notes here. Star Citizen's crowdfunding pool keeps increasing by the millions every month, hitting the $600 million mark last month.

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