Steve Wozniak: Microsoft resting on their markets and "that's pretty dangerous"

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks that Microsoft, under the leadership of its now retiring CEO Steve Ballmer, has been declining for a while now, in remarks made today in an interview with the BBC.

During the chat, Wozniak stated that in his opinion, Microsoft has been "resting on their markets that they built a long, long time ago and that's pretty dangerous." He added that while he doesn't know how the world judges Ballmer, Wozniak believes his time as the leader of Microsoft was not as significant compared to when Bill Gates was CEO. Gates stepped down from that position in 2000 in favor of Ballmer but still has the title of Chairman.

Wozniak's comments today are interesting because he has made statements in the recent past praising Microsoft and some of its products. In 2012, he called the Windows Phone OS "intuitive and beautiful". Later that year he was positive about Microsoft as a whole, saying they were "starting to show maybe they're a different company than before."

In today's BBC interview, Wozniak says that Apple "found the formula" of being both a big company and being able to release new and innovative products under the leadership of the late Steve Jobs. He also feels that current CEO Tim Cook is the right person to lead the company.

Source: BBC | Image via BBC

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