Suggestion for the Universally Annoying Creation (UAC)

I like to think of UAC as Universally Annoying Creation, because in the history of Windows this is the one thing that really ****es me off. Many people have ranted about it but not really come up with a solution to this annoyance.

Microsoft, are you listening? I have one, but I guess it won't make it until SP1 (or maybe as a patch, to fix broken code).
Many people that test Vista, including the industry are used to making constant changes on their system and despite Microsoft's claims that the UAC nuisance will simply 'go away' after the machine is configured and in 'normal use' that just isn't true.

I have looked with undiminished interest at the complaints, suggestions and subsequent changes to UAC (User Account Control) throughout the beta and with the release of RC1 (Release Candidate 1, so guys please stop calling it a beta) and I think I have a solution.

When installing Vista, the user should be prompted when creating the account "Would you like to disable UAC on your account?" I mean I'm installing it in the first place, I know Windows has been made so easy that anyone can install it, but I do think that UAC should be account specific, that would allow me to have a UAC-free environment and anyone else I choose to allow an account for on my PC might have a UAC protected account.

Microsoft is trying to get us powerusers away from using the default Administrator account, in my opinion that is the only account without the prompts, so I might need to use it more or disable UAC all together (which I prefer not to do).

Anyone with me on this?

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