Superhot's rogue-like 'Mind Control Delete' expansion hits Steam tomorrow

Superhot, the innovative first-person shooter from last year in which time only progresses when the player moves, is getting a stand-alone expansion titled Superhot: Mind Control Delete. The expansion will reach Steam's Early Access program tomorrow, December 7, and unlike the base game, it will feature rogue-like elements.

The developer, Superhot Team, expects the expansion to be in early access at least until late 2018. While the expansion will be free to all Superhot owners once it is out of early access, anyone who wants in on the action while it is still under development will have to fork over some money, although the exact pricing has not been announced yet.

For the expansion's full release, the developer plans to implement the following features:

  • A long, deep story to expand the SUPERHOT universe and reveal a few of the secrets hidden by the system
  • Multiple new enemy types, smarter and more powerful to keep you on your toes despite all of the new awesome abilities and powers that you control in MIND CONTROL DELETE
  • Heaps of powerups and gameplay modifiers to make each procedurally generated run unique and push you into different playstyles
  • Many more unlockable MINDs, each with their own skills and gameplay mechanics

But, the developer also issued a warning on the expansion's store page to any interested players, saying "This is an extremely early, bleeding-edge version of most of our new gameplay systems. The limitations for this early access build are not for the faint of heart," and added that "The initial release will be quite a bit awkward and unbalanced. It won't give you any new enemy types to beat up and features only vanilla powerups until we get the base game balance just right."

As base game owners will get the Mind Control Delete expansion for free when it launches, it may be a good idea for casual fans to practice some patience. However, any interested parties who want to help out the Superhot Team in developing this expansion can purchase the early access release beginning tomorrow.

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