Surface survives heat and cold, but not wine, in torture test

We have seen a couple of reports about owners who had their new Surface tablets fall off on top of their cars and still have them survive the experience. Microsoft itself has made some of its own torture tests on the tablet public, and former Windows head Steven Sinofsky tried to show how durable the Surface is by using it as a skateboard.

So, is the Surface really that tough? CNet decided to put the tablet through a series of their own torture tests in a new video. The first was to put the Surface inside an ordinary freezer for two and a half hours. The tablet came though that experience with flying colors.

Next, we see the Surface placed inside an oven for over an hour at 250 degrees, cooking an egg that has been placed on top of the screen. Even with that test, the Surface still worked, although the display did look a little odd.

However, spilling a glass of wine on the same tablet was the last straw as the touch screen display on the tablet stopped working. The Surface wouldn't work even with the Touch Cover keyboard attached.

Next, CNet showed their own version of Sinofsky's skateboard test, but apparently CNet's efforts did result in a crack in the tablet's case. Finally, the video shows the Surface falling from over six feet high. That was enough to finally crack the display screen.

To be completely fair, putting one Surface through all those events would likely do some cumulative damage, but the fact that it was able to continue to work even while being inside a hot over, with an egg cooking on it, speaks well of this tablet.

Source: CNet video

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