Teacher aide fired for not providing Facebook password

The Facebook password saga appears to be continuing this week, after it was revealed that a school teacher's aide was fired last year for refusing to give her social networking password to her bosses.

It all seemed to unfold when the woman, named Kimberly Hester, comically posted in her spare time a picture of her with a co-workers pants and a pair of shoes, holding a caption saying “Thinking of you.” ZDNet reported that Hester was fired from Frank Squires Elementary in Cassopolis, Michigan after a parent saw the image on Facebook and made a complaint to the school.

Only in the past couple of weeks, Neowin reported a story of employers asking workers for their Facebook passwords and schools asking students to delete their profiles on the website. With Hester's legal battle ensuing though, she isn't giving up, saying "I did nothing wrong. And I would not, still to this day, let them in my Facebook. And I don’t think it’s OK for an employer to ask you."

There isn't much hope that she will succeed however, given that there isn't any law in the United States prohibiting employers to ask for access to their workers' Facebook accounts. The recent news coverage of the issue seems to have gotten law makers attention however, with proposals already in creation aimed at ending the password free for all.

Image Courtesy of USA Hitman.

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